Play your Part

Align with a great cause and help us build a more inclusive New Zealand

Companies like yours make up the fabric of New Zealand society and we’d love you to be involved in our journey. We have a range of ways in which you can support our non-profit initiatives, including content or publication sponsorship, and would welcome the opportunity to share them with you.

We believe the benefits of aligning your brand with EyeView Ethnic Trust are extensive:

It will demonstrate to customers – both current and potential – that you are committed to building an inclusive New Zealand and are giving back to your local community.

We can help you reach new markets who might not yet be aware of your products or services.

There is a strong possibility that your own workforce is culturally diverse. Everyone wants to feel good about the company they work for, and supporting such a great cause will be enhance internal positivity and contribute to overall business culture.

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Connect to learn more

Connect with Ashleigh on 0211112115 or [email protected] to find out more about EyeView Ethnic Trust and how you can be involved.