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E1: Equally Different

The first edition of Think Diversity magazine (Think Diversity – Equally Different) is a collection of thoughts from over 50 New Zealanders on what Diversity means to them here in Aotearoa.

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Think Diversity Launch Event

As a country, we have done so well in accommodating those who have decided to resettle in NZ from various countries and backgrounds. Those who resettle in New Zealand are often presented with so many opportunities that have helped them reach their potentials. Without a doubt, New Zealand is a great example of a very caring and accommodating nation.

We felt compelled to do something that might encourage our nation to further engage in the different cultures they see around them. We believe that understanding leads to empathy and that empathy leads to a whole host of other good things – compassion, harmony, inclusivity – that will contribute to making the world a better place.

Our first edition is called Equally Different, a collection of thoughts from over 50 Kiwis all over New Zealand on what diversity means to them. We travelled up and down the country and asked a diverse range of people – CEO’s, students, children, grandparents, former refugees, recent migrants and so on. We thought it would be a good way to start this magazine by talking about diversity and what it means to us.

Our mission is to bring New Zealand’s diversity to life via print and digital media and, in doing so, to inspire our audiences to be more curious, more open-minded and more engaged with their neighbours. And so we created a number of platforms for kiwis to share and learn about one another, with Think Diversity magazine being one of them.

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