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Our Goals

Bring New Zealand’s cultural diversity to life through print and digital media in order to inspire people to be more curious, open-minded and engaged with their neighbours.

Our Purpose

To inspire positive engagement between previously disconnected communities to reduce racial trauma

To encourage ethnic communities to proudly share their culture and heritage

Create more safe spaces for dialogue for indigenous people and other minority ethnicities

To dispel negative stereotyping, preconceived biases and fear of migrants and refugees that are often passed down through generations due to lack of knowledge or understanding

To inform and educate the public, government agencies, and the education sector about working with former refugees or migrants

Create opportunities for New Zealanders to be more informed of Aotearoa’s rich cultural diversity, and appreciate the experiences of migrants and refugees

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Ashleigh Ali-Aziz


Eyeview Ethnic Trust is committed to bringing New Zealand’s cultural diversity to life through print and digital media, in order to inspire people to be more curious, open-minded and engaged with their neighbours. My team and I firmly believe that understanding is the key to respect, empathy and compassion in society; that if we take the time to understand differences – in ethnicity, background and upbringing, religion and choices – we will appreciate and respect them more. And, in recognising the differences, we will see more clearly the things that we all share, such as joy, grief, compassion, family and love. In other words, our shared humanity.

Once we reach this place of mutual understanding, respect and appreciation, we believe the benefits to society as a whole will be immense. Negative stereotyping will be dispelled, as will preconceived biases and the fear that often comes from ignorance. Tensions that currently exist between different cultures will fade and our communities will become safer, more collaborative and happier places to live and work.

Karen Ndarowa

Team Member

Diversity. That is our goal as a new generation. To understand that every individual is completely unique. Cultural differences, gender differences, socio-economic differences – it doesn’t matter; they still deserve our respect. Just remember, a lot of different flowers make a bouquet beautiful, you don’t always have one type of flower.

Weaam Bassiouni

Team Member

I believe, for society as a whole and for the sake of all our children, we need all races, faiths and ethnicities to be represented equally. We hope that our work here at Eyeview Ethnic Trust will champion that goal and is a step in the right direction.

Faroq Nasim

Team Member

Our differences are what make us special, and the ability to accept and understand someone else’s culture is what makes you special. There’s a world beyond the one you already know; step into it, explore it and learn from people of different faiths and ethnicities; you’ll find that there’s so much to gain from others.

Tabby Al-Jebouri

Team Member

Our unique upbringings, lifestyles and experiences are so important for an evolving world. Diversity is a strength and the more we broaden horizons and learn about one another, the more we can find out how our society could reach its potential!

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