E2: Jennifer Khan-Janif and Gatluak Chuol talk about challenges of intergenerational parenting

Sister Jennifer Janif migrated to NZ from Fiji 33 years ago. She has lived experience of being a parent experiencing the challenges of intergenerational parenting in a new environment. In her professional role she is a community development practitioner and specialises in working with ethnic communities on issues of wellbeing including positive parenting, children and women rights and youth development

Brother Gatluak Chuol is a Community Advocate. His work is to ensure some community disadvantaged by the system should be heard, understood, resourced and listened to in the resettled and migrant community. There are so many generous kiwis out there, but if we don’t raise our voices, they will not come to help in making the change we want to happen. Refugees are stateless, once they come to Aotearoa New Zealand, that’s their home which makes them reclaim their humanity. Gatluak wishes for us as a society to work together to make a difference— because your voice counts.