E1: Gatluak Chuol and Gloria Vazquez discuss racial discrimination issues in NZ


Eyeview Podcast Episode 1 with Gatluak a Community Advocate and Gloria a Senior Lecturer.

Gatluak Chuol is a Community Advocate. His work is to ensure that the communities whom are disadvantaged by the system are heard, understood, resourced and listened to within the resettled and migrant community. There are so many generous kiwis out there, but if we don’t raise our voices, they will not come to help in making the change we want to happen. Refugees are stateless, once they come to Aotearoa New Zealand, that’s their home which makes them reclaim their humanity. Gatluak wishes for us as a society to work together to make a difference— because your voice counts.

Gloria Vázquez is from Asturias, Spain, and arrived to Aotearoa in 1988 and has been working at AUT since 1990. She is currently a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for the Minor of Spanish at the School of Language and Culture. She has been involved in an interdisciplinary activity and teaching in different courses across various programmes. Her teaching experience also includes ESOL, Academic Literacies, and Language Teaching.

Gloria is very passionate about migrants and refugees. Her teaching and translation/interpreting experience helped her develop such passion. She has been heavily involved in the Spanish community, and over the years, she has been working with refugees teaching in the English and Literacy programme at the School. She has also been a volunteer with the Red Cross to support new Kiwis resetting in our community, and a volunteer with RASNZ.