A Cultural Melting Pot

Over recent decades New Zealand has become increasingly culturally diverse with the 2013 census revealing that there are more ethnicities in New Zealand than there are countries in the world (213 versus 196). That’s a phenomenal statistic for a country right down the bottom of the planet.

So what does this mean? Well, if we all embrace this dynamic medley of cultures then individuals, communities and businesses alike can benefit in many ways.

  • On a personal level we can grow in our knowledge and understanding of different countries and cultures and we can dispel any negative stereotyping, preconceived biases and fear that is often passed down through generations due to lack of knowledge or understanding.
  • At a community level we can experience and enjoy the richness, colour, flavours and excitement of various traditions, festivals, food and celebrations.
  • Employers can source talent from a greater skilled labour base as migrants need to meet strict criteria to live in New Zealand and these new settlers often have much needed skills that are in short supply in the local labour force.
  • Businesses can identify and access commercial opportunities in new markets or new industries as migrants share their ideas and knowledge from their home countries.
  • Organisations, communities and the nation as a whole can benefit from greater creativity and innovation as people from different cultural backgrounds look at opportunities and problem solving with a different lens.

The key to unlocking the benefits and potential that cultural diversity offers is to foster curiosity, and encourage listening and commitment to embracing and including diversity as part of our way of life.

Eyeview Ethnic Trust is on a mission to bring New Zealand’s diversity to life via print and digital media and, in doing so we are hoping to help cultivate a harmonious, multicultural nation by inspiring our audiences to be more curious, more open-minded and more engaged with their neighbours.

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About The Author

Gatluak Chuol

Community Advocate