WE SharE cultural diversity through digital and print media

Think Diversity Magazine

The first edition of Think Diversity magazine (Think Diversity – Equally Different) is a collection of thoughts from over 50 New Zealanders on what Diversity means to them here in Aotearoa.

Our Vision

At Eyeview Ethnic Trust we have a dream that one day New Zealand will be held up as a global case study in how to truly embrace cultural diversity; that our small nation will be recognised for genuinely moving beyond racial prejudice and offering inclusivity for all, no matter where they come from or what they hold dear.

We believe New Zealand has what it takes, and we are committed to achieving it.

Culture is a system of knowledge that is passed down through generations and binds us together.  We are all born into a specific culture, and it shapes our identity – our behaviour, beliefs, language, values: our entire way of being.

Why is Cultural Diversity Important?

Our 4.8 million population is increasingly diverse. Across the country and in all walks of life we meet people from different ethnic, racial and cultural groups. And it’s not just here at home: New Zealand operates on a global stage, engaging in commercial and political conversations with many cultures that differ from our own.

Cultural diversity provides vast opportunity for learning and societal progress. It helps dispel the negative stereotyping, preconceived biases and fear that is often passed down through generations due to lack of knowledge or understanding. In doing so, it breaks down barriers within our communities, replacing them with trust and respect.

Cultural diversity also offers another level of interest to life; we get to see the world through another’s eyes and experience a different way of being, with all the richness, colours, flavours and depth that comes with it.

The key to unlocking the potential that cultural diversity offers is to foster curiosity and encourage listening. If we truly listen to the different stories, beliefs, values, traditions and perspectives that exist within our own neighbourhoods, we will begin to understand.

What is the role of Eyeview Ethnic Trust?

We’re the story tellers! Our Board is made up of people from culturally diverse backgrounds, all of whom are passionate about sharing the beautiful stories and images that they see around them every day.
Our mission is to bring New Zealand’s diversity to life via print and digital media and, in doing so, to inspire our audiences to be more curious, more open-minded and more engaged with their neighbours.
Print channels include: booklets, magazines, leaflets, articles
Digital media: videos, podcasts, social media channels, websites.

Why us?

We believe that understanding leads to empathy and that empathy leads to a whole host of other good things – compassion, harmony, inclusivity – that will contribute to making the world a better place.We want to help people appreciate the things that make every culture unique, but also to recognise all the things we share, such as joy, grief, compassion, family and love; the things that make us not so different from each other after all.

Align with a great cause and help us build a more inclusive New Zealand